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School Picture

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Clark school picture circa 1920, Rush township, Shiawassee county, Michigan

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Glenn Corp
Rolla Dellamater
Alice Bond
Ruth Colkes - Teacher
Lloyd Ott
Russell Dellamater
Amia Walters
Margaret Bond
Ada Walters
Erma Corp
Flossie Shuster
Dorothy Hatt
Cestae Walter
Dale Dellamater
Aldres Ritzel
Inez Walter
Arlene Wert
Emmia Shuster
Leta George
Helen Hatt
Vera Corp
Helen Champlui
Ethel Hayte
John Champlui
Leslie Walters
Max Canin
Mike Matkznick

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School Census

1911-1920 School Census district #5 Rush Township, Shiawassee conunty, Michigan

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Drawn Ledger

School general fund ledger 1917-1919

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County index map

Shiawassee Townships

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Rush Township map

1956 Plat map Rush Township

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