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KRAUTH FAMILY & RELATED SURNAMES: Allen, Andrus, Booth, Claus, Dudgeon, Ganson, Judd, Lewis, Mathis, North, Parks, Repp, Swift, Thompson, Walbridge, Wilson, Vincent, and Williams.

BITTELL/BITTEL FAMILY & RELATED SURNAMES: Bond, Campbell, Cook, Cusac, Dandison, Eyster, Fetters, Fockler, Forbush, Frollope/Trollopp, Gies, Hamm, Irish, Kelly, Lang, Loy, Miller, Moore, Mouser, Pearsall, Phillips, Powell, Rauenzahner, Roberts, Routson/Routzong, Sellers, Steffens, Todd, Waterman, Willerton and Yager.

AREAS INCLUDE: England, France, Germany, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West
Virginia, & Michigan


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Bittell-Yager reunion minutes 1929-1942 Bittell ancester line
Family History of Bittell & Yager families Lineage to Hamm & Cook & Dandison - added March 18, 2014
More History of Bittell & Yager families  
Balser Bittel estate 2.pdf Bittell line
Balser Bittel Death Record Burials
Balthaser Bittel Family group Mathias Lewis Bittell
Balser Bittell Passage to US aboard the General Harrison History General Harrison
Balth Bittel 1842 General Harrison More History General Harrison
Katherine Susan Bittell Lineage of names on reunion records
Bittell farm house Rush Township Bittell residences
Katherine, Viola, & Marjory @ Goss school 1956 Rush Twp Plat
Viola (Bittell) Spitler Bittell August_2_1980
Salt Lake City Thank You Henry Yager Family Group
John Bittel family John Bittel-dau Carrie family
John Bittel-son Claude Bittel family John Bittel-son John Bittel
John Bittel-son John Bittel John Bittel-son Ruben family
Phillip Bittel- daughter, Anna L with family Phillip Bittel-daughter Barbara M. family
Phillip Bittel-son Albert E family Phillip Bittel-son Charles W. family
Phillip Bittel-son William H. family Phillip Bittel
Maie Lucille Bittell Obit Mae Bittell Wood
Bittel ancestry compiled by Sandi Bittel, Perrydale, OregonBittel Ancestry  


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Confirmation of George Bond's Parents.pdf John_P_Bond_Deed.pdf
George_Bond_Deed_in_Hancock.pdf John P Bond Jefferson Co land record
  John P. Bond Estate
George_Bond_Deed_in_Harrison.pdf Alice Routson Bond Williamson-Will
Geo Bond Family Group.pdf Tombstone Alice Williamson
George & Alice Bond Marriage Record Bond Routzon Family Tie
Aaron & Sarah Marriage Rec George Bond Additional Family Info + Mil Rec 
Geo Bond Died Intestet Bond Children Birth Records
Aaron Bond Family with Pictures.pdf Aaron Bond Death Record
Clark School Cica 1911-1920 Sarah Fetters Bond Death Record
Loy, Bond & Co. Mills Burn Arthur W. Bond
Tilman Bond Family Tilman Bond birth record color image
Tilman Bond birth record color image 1987 Please Help Locate Picture of Aaron Bond
Aaron Bond & Buffalo Bill Cody Aaron Bond 18th Reg't U S Inf
Honora Bond Obituary Aaron Bond 21st Ohio Military Timeline
1929 Reunion @ Peter F. Bond Farm Florida Archives re Florence SC
John P. Bond Family Group Teacher Contract


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Daniel Cusac Family group Isaac Sellars Family Group
Andrew John Cusaac Family Group  



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Dandison, William family group Dandison, John family group
Dandison, Joseph family group Naturalization John Dandison - added March 18, 2014
Cook, Stanley F. family group Hamm, Edward family group
Forbush, Edwin Sr. family group Forbush, Edwin Jr. family group
My grandmother, Mary F. Pearsall Dandison Naturalization Records or Oakland County
Thomas Dandison Family Group Thomas Frollope Family group
Mary Dandison Lineage to Hamm & Cook & Dandison - added March 18, 2014
Dandison, Robert family group - updated March 18, 2014
Naturalization Robert Dandison - added March 18, 2014


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Fetters Reunion Picture Fetters Family Picture
Peter & Catherine Fetters family Charles Phillips Family
Phillip Powell Family Group Henry Miller Family
Andrew Fetters Military Binder2


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Nathan Ganson 1755.pdf - added Nov 7, 2014 Joseph Ganson.pdf - added Nov 7, 2014
Nathan Ganson Family Group - added Nov 7, 2014 Nathan Ganson Picture
Julia Swift Ganson Picture 


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James V. Judd Family Picture James Vincent Judd
Thomas Judd Benjamin Judd
Benjamin Judd Jr James Judd
James Judd Jr Asahel Judd
Cyrus Henry Judd Esther Elizabeth Judd Krauth
Rush Hazelton Township Shiawassee Maps


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Wayne L. Kelly Ancestral Line


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Memorial to Glen Wilson Krauth John Krauth 1845 BIRTH RECORD
John Krauth & parents MARIA S Krauth obit
Marriage of Andre Krauth John Krauth Obit
Joseph & Odile Krauth marriage 1833 Thomas Thompson Summary.pdf
Marriage of Joseph Krauth Krauth Ancester line
James Henry Wilson Desendants.pdf Krauth line
Glen Wilson Krauth Obituary Glen Family Group
Francis Joseph Krauth Family group John Krauth & family pictures - New March 13, 2014


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George & Mary E Loy Fluckey George & Margaret Cusac Loy
M A Loy Family Group Jacob Schlegel Family Group
George Eyster Family group Fredrick Ley Jr. Family group
George Fockler Family Group George Loy Marriage Rec
Katherine's search for George E. Loy - added March 19, 2014


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Michael Pearsall Family Group Henry Pearsall Family Group
Henry I. Pearsall Family Group Edgar W Pearsall Family Group - Updated March 15, 2014
Edgar W Pearsall Chronology Grandma Hopson (Mary Ann Dandison) - added March 15, 2014
Thomas Pearsall Family Group Nathaniel Pearsall Family Group
History and Generlogy of THE PEARSALL FAMILY in England and America George Pearsall Family Group
George Pearsall Jr. Family Group I have pictures of Byron and Mary Pearsall
Mary-Frances-Pearsall-age-16 Mary-Ann-Dandison-Pearsall
Picture Mary Pearsall Bittell  
Mary-Ann-Dandison-Pearsall-with-her-sister's-family Land-record-Mary-Ann-Pearsall-of-Oakland-Co.,-MI
Henry-I.Pearsall-land-record-Cert.#2435 Michael-Pearsall-land-record-#2682
Michael-Pearsall-land-record-#2683 Picture of Pearl Pearsall

Family Pearsall



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Pictures to Give Away Edward Hamm Family Group
Edwin Forbush Jr. Family Group Robert Dandison Family Group
Stanley Cook Family Group Lineage to Hamm & Cook & Dandison - added March 18, 2014



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Johannes Routson Family Group Johannes Rauenzahner Family group
David Routson Family Group Johannas Rauenzahner, Jr Family Group
John W. Routzon family group Johann Ludwig Rauenzahner Family Group
Bond Routzon Family Tie


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